Our Vision and Values

Our aim at St Mark's Church of England Primary School is to be a place where children become confident, resilient lifelong learners achieving at or above National Expectations. Within a challenging, aspirational and nurturing environment children will learn about our Core Christian Values of Love, Equality, Inclusion and Respect. Every child can expect to be nurtured by the school, the church and the wider community to exceed their potential.
Our work as a Rights Respecting School further  supports our Christian Values.

‘We love because God first loved us.”

1 John 4:19

Our first core Christian Value is LOVE. In our school each member is invited to experience the love of God and encouraged to respond by loving themselves, others, and God’s world. Through its many parables, stories and in the Sermon on the Mount, we hear the Bible teaching us to love our neighbour, being patient, humble and gentle with one another.

In school, LOVE translates into an ethos of care and concern for all members of the school and wider community. Through teaching and example, children are helped to understand the significance of ' Love your neighbour as yourself ' (Matthew 22:38), treating others as they would wish to be treated. They are helped to realise that simple acts of kindness and compassion create happiness and friendship.

The value of LOVE underpins everything we do in school. We believe that through a focus on Love by working together as part of a strong and supportive family, we can all thrive – socially, emotionally and academically.


“Be devoted to one another in love.

Honor one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:10


Our second core Christian value is RESPECT, (which the Bible often refers to as honour). In our school each member is encouraged to respect themselves, others, those in authority, God and His world. We use the character and actions of Jesus as our example for this.

In school, RESPECT extends to respect for all God’s creation, including all people, animals and our environment. In school, children and adults are expected to show respect for each other, our belongings and our environment. It also includes respect for one another's beliefs and feelings, goodwill, affection and concern for the welfare of others.

The value of RESPECT guides the choices that we make to create a strong and peaceful community.



‘”You are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it.”

1 Corinthians 12:27


Our final core Christian value is EQUALITY AND INCLUSION. The Bible teaches that each one of us has been made as a precious child, in the image of God(Genesis 1:27), and each person has a particular contribution to make in God’s world. In a world often divided by intolerance, our children learn that God loves our uniqueness, and that diversity is to be celebrated rather than feared.

At St Mark’s we are proud of our school diversity, and we constantly strive to find ways in which to cherish and celebrate the gifts and contributions of each member of our community.   We aim to remove the barriers, both physical and social, that prevent groups or individuals from flourishing, and teach ways to challenge injustice or oppression.

Through practising our school Christian value of EQUALITY AND INCLUSION, adults and children at St Mark’s feel a strong sense of belonging, and our children are equipped to be active and compassionate members of society.