Our School Council



Our School Councillors are a very important part of school life.

All School Councillors are given a badge and a contract which is signed by the School Councillor, child’s parent and Headteacher. Our meetings take place fortnightly during lunchtimes and continue throughout the school year.

We feel that it is important to discuss new topics at each meeting and our School Councillors are always given an opportunity to feedback any issues from their peers and to raise items that they wish to discuss at each meeting.

Meetings last for around 30 minutes and there is always a ‘sign in sheet’ available so that we can keep a record of who has attended the meetings.

Our aim is to have two School Councillors per class (Year 1 – Year 6) which enables us to get feedback from all age groups. Meetings are fun and informative and really do make a difference to us all at St Mark’s.

We recently put the following question to both the Upper and Lower School Councillors: