British Values

British Values

Throughout the school we promote the values of tolerance, respect, inclusion and responsibilities amongst others, helping to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. We strive to make links to these values as a natural part of everyday life and learning throughout our curriculum. On this page you can read more about some of the ways we do this.

Tolerance of Other Faiths and Beliefs

We have close links to St. Mark’s Church, as well as other local churches. We have daily Collective Worships which explain Christian festivals as well as significant events in the years of other faiths.  We also promote understanding of other faiths and beliefs throughout the curriculum from dedicated RE lessons as well as through Geography, History and multicultural stories through English lessons. Throughout the school year we hold fund raising activities and donate to both local and national charities as decided on by the whole school community.


Individual Responsibility and Liberty

We give our pupils a range of responsibilities and jobs around school from personal responsibilities like remembering to bring in homework, reading books and PE kits through to classroom responsibilities and whole-school responsibilities like helping with school dinners and our KS2 children helping the children on our Year R playground. We have a well-established School Council with each class voting for its council representative. The School Council attend regular meeting to discuss issues important to the children and then report back to their classmates.  As well as the School Council, our School Prefects carry out such tasks as supporting our Head Teacher in leading Collective Worships, work as ambassadors for the school at events, both in school and at events across the city.

Throughout the year, we encourage the children to use the local facilities and get involved in local activities, including promoting sports events and using facilities like the local library through the summer reading challenges.

During Summer 2016, we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with a series of events and work in class. The highlight of which was the setting up of a ‘Royal Art Gallery’ in the school hall and invited parents and members of the community to come and view the children’s drawings and paintings.   

Mutual Respect

We promote mutual respect for others throughout everything we do in and out of school, including: a range of visitors to school sharing their experiences such as the local Fire Service; daily collective worship and class worship to further explore the thoughts shared in the Monday whole school worship and to give time for quiet reflection; a consistent school behaviour policy including acknowledgement of positive learning behaviours; a Code of Conduct for all members of our school community based around the Rights Respecting Schools Agenda and welcoming parents to our school for regular open afternoons.


Rule of Law

We have visits from our local PCSOs as well as from our local Fire and Rescue Service to discuss road safety, fire safety, e-safety and other aspects of the law. Our Year Five and Six pupils have had the opportunity to take part in Bikeability training to help them understand the rules of the road.

We also discuss how the rules in school relate to rules and laws in the wider-world, including the importance of following and the consequences for breaking these laws.

Each class follows the school rules and have their own "Class Charter" of rules, created and agreed by the children at the start of the year, which are displayed in every room.



As well as agreeing on their own ‘Class Charter’, each class also votes for their School Council representative. Classes discuss issues they would like their school council representative to raise at school council meetings and have a say in decisions around the school, including which charity we should raise money for and improvements to the environment such as the fund raising for new playground equipment.  Children also take part in regular in-class discussions and debates which may culminate in a vote being held. The children also take part in voting for things such as which treat should be chosen for a class reward or to celebrate a special event.

(Please see our whole school curriculum map which highlights where certain aspects of British Values and RRSA can be demonstrated.)